With Teeth @witht3eth
Ramiro "Miro" Rodriguez - Guitar @mirot3eth
Sam Grun - Bass @llymbass
Julien Yeats - Guitar n/a
Jonathan Russell - Vocals @jonathant3eth

Full Biography:

Born from the ashes of previous efforts, With Teeth arose with a mission to spread their message the only way they know how: by telling the absolute truth. After being burned by many previous efforts, Josef "Mojo" Kainrad and Jonathan Russell found each other through the online website Oddly enough neither were looking for a band at the time, but were drawn together later and formed the early version of the band and began writing. Within a couple of months, they had recruited Chad Wilbourn and Allen Jacob to round out the line up and set their eyes on their first record.

After signing on Kellen McGregor (Memphis May Fire) as their producer and recording engineer and Matthew Weir (Sleeping Giant) on drums, the door swung wide open with possibilities and a new level of creativity was achieved; the album began to almost write itself. As guitarists Mojo and Chad infused every bit of their musical experience from soft ambient lulls to ferocious breaks and blasting speed riffs. Mixing the guitars then with Jonathan's vocals and lyrics, coming straight from his personal life. In his dealing with past and present demons of drugs and thoughts of suicide but also softening the blows with prayers and moral words of wisdom, as if it was a personal journal, and shredding though the sounds with perfect timing and attitude to bring his thoughts alive. Proudly named Captives, this effort by With Teeth, speaks of humanity being binded down, but only being held there by their own choice. Breaking free is in everyone's own personal choices.

Shortly after Captives released and playing the Scream The Prayer tour, Josef, Chad, and Allen felt called to move on with their lives leaving only Jonathan to keep the flame alive. Quickly after meeting Ramiro Rodriguez, through Instagram, the music and ideas once again began to flow. After recruiting Samuel Grun and others through Craigslist and mutual friends, and becoming fast friends, they began working on regrouping With Teeth and not only restoring it, but pushing it into overdrive. Having once stylized as more of a hardcore sound, they are pushing to break down the barriers in the metal genre as a whole. With new members, an improved sound, and an outstanding work and tour ethic, With Teeth has become an unstoppable force, growing stronger and stronger everyday.